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Deanna K.

"I would highly recommend this course. Haley is very knowledgeable and her passion for finance shows in each session! The class made me understand my finances and I feel more comfortable going forward. Thank you Haley!"


Join a small group of like-minded women
in this inter
active online course

that allows you to ask Haley any questions
without fear of judgement. 

In this 6-class course you will:

  • Calculate your net worth

  • Analyze your income and spending habits

  • Project your years to financial independence

  • Use a comprehensive workbook to analyze your finances

  • Receive an extensive textbook to review all covered materials


We will also discuss:

  • What brings you joy

  • Why money is important to you

  • Ways to save money

  • The stock market

  • Loans and credit cards

  • Retirement plans

  • and many other important topics related to personal finance! 


You will walk away from the course with a self-created action plan for steps to take in the next three months

to improve your financial standing.

1.5-hour classes

Meet weekly for 6 weeks

Held online through Zoom


All participants receive an

interactive workbook

& detailed textbook

Ready?  Let's do this!

Rebecca S.

"I took Haley's finance class after dreading figuring out a financial plan for the past 20 years. She made it easy to learn financial concepts, explaining them in relatable terms and answering all additional questions. The progressive nature of the course, worked well, helping me to first figure out my current financial situation, my spending habits, then understanding what levers I have the opportunity to pull and adjust to ensure my financial situation aligns with my life dreams. After taking her class I feel more confident in my financial future and understanding the impact of short and long term decisions."
  • Do I have to share my financials with others?
    No! The other classmates and the instructor will never have access to your financial numbers unless you choose to share.
  • Is there homework?
    Yes! You will be answering questions and inputting numbers into your personal workbook to get an accurate look at your own financials.
  • Is this course just for women?
    Yes! This is a women-only course, taught by a woman. It is designed this way to create a space of comfort and support, encouraging participants to share their vulnerabilities and ask questions without feeling self-conscious, as we dive into the traditionally male-dominated world of personal finance. All participants must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them. Private classes can be co-ed, per the group's choice.
  • Can you do a private class for a group?
    Yes! If you have a group that is interested in doing the class together, I am happy to arrange a private class for your group of at least four participants. Private classes can be co-ed, per the group's choice. Live in Tucson? We can meet in-person too! Please email me at
  • Why "crying in finance" ?
    In the spirit of the infamous scene from A League Of Their Own where Tom Hanks is shouting "there's no crying in baseball," imagine me shouting "there's no crying in finance!" . . . but as a much more loving, cheer leading coach who is also holding a box of tissues just in case.

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